Timeless fabrics,
forever perfect for the
man of tomorrow.

The name Roudière is inextricably woven into the history of menswear.
The company has been offering stylish clothing in keeping with the finest French tailoring tradition since 1947, and today’s garments are very much aimed at giving the contemporary man a touch of superlative elegance – with the sharpest of eyes on the future.

Roudière is a drapery company producing not only top-quality combed wool, flannel, cotton, velvet and polyester, but also the LXR and Carbonium Fabric lines, featuring cutting-edge materials created thanks to exclusive discoveries and nanotechnology able to enhance performance and thereby make clothes more comfortable, hard wearing and practical.
These superbly unique qualities have also made Roudière a trusted supplier of uniforms for prestigious airlines, armed forces and police forces, as well as leading international public and private companies, both in France and beyond.