It is the skills and experience of our experts that gives the true value of our fabrics. Drapery requires a long practice that our finishing teams have acquired over more than 20 years of experimentation. All the richness of our draperies rests on their know-how.

Producing up to 4.2 million meters/year, the workshop has advanced technical resources, including 32 machines performing the Washing, drying, flaming, fulling, padding, decatizing, sanforizing, spraying, inspection and packaging operations.
Here too, the scope of this workshop is endless. Touch, aspects, technical characteristics are the subject of studies, refinements, permanent proposals: Fulled, scraped, flamed, dry or soft, shiny or mat, flexible or rigid aspects, each product offered by Sefita will find its 'track' and will give the best of its potential in our finishing workshops.