Long-life techno-elixir
for high-performance fashion.

A pioneer in the development and spread of stretch and bi-stretch fabrics in the 1980s, Roudière’s technological research has focused on improving the qualities and the performance of fabrics. It is this hallmark approach that today allows the company to offer exceptionally innovative materials that guarantee unrivalled comfort, resistance, versatility, durability and wearability, as well as an impeccable appearance.

Carbonium Fabric, l'avenir cousu Roudière

Strain resistance, excellent reaction to temperature swings, durability, extremely light weight.
These are the “spatial” qualities acquired – and offered – by this brand-new fabric,
thanks to the very latest nanotechnologies that make it possible to inject tiny particles of carbonium fibre throughout the polyester.

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TR+ Thermo-Regulating
Helps not to feel the temperature difference when passing from a cooking hot summer sun to an air conditioned atmosphere.
UV protection, wicking, soil release, 2 or 4 ways stretch. These are the technical features of TR+ Finish.
AB+ Anti-Bacterial
This anti-bacterial and anti-odor finishing gives the fabrics a techological advance.
Furthermore these elegant fabrics offer UV Protection and moisture management.
2- or 4 - way stretch for the comfort, these are crease resistant.
W+ Wool plus
Mostly composed of Wool, these fabrics are naturally breathable, protecting from temperature changes and managing humidity. Lightweighted and Stretchable, they offer perfect fit and comfort.

LXR 50 & LXR 80

LXR 50 and LXR 80 are the ranges developed together with DuPont Lycra, using nanotechnology.
Self-ironing, as well as resistant to dampness, odours and bacteria, the LXR bi-stretch articles are ideal for travelling and for use in stressful conditions, springing back into perfect shape even after prolonged use and numerous washes, keeping the wearer looking stylish every time.

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Returns to its original shape

“Crease free” fabrics spring back into shape by themselves, without any need for ironing, etc., guaranteeing an impeccable appearance every time.


The LXR property of resisting spots and stains. The ability to withstand discoloration by the action of liquids has been strongly improved by nanotechnology treatments.

A Classical stain-resistant treatment
B Nanotechnology treatment
Which advantages for the consumer?
• Comfort and well-being thanks to the Bi-Stretch ability of the fabric
• Smart look the whole day long, thanks to exceptional self-smoothing properties
• Soft and nice handle (invisible treatment)
• Liquid & stain resistance
• Easy care (machine washable and easy to iron)


Thanks to the peculiar and exclusive nanotechnology treatments, LXR can effectively keep water and liquids out even after a large amount of washes.



Launched in 2004, Inanova epitomises all Roudière has achieved thanks to the processes and treatments it has experimented with and adopted. The nanotechnology of the fabric, treated on several layers, makes it perfectly resistant to stains, liquids and oily substances, as well easy to wash and iron, remaining soft, light and pleasant to the touch.